Very slow processing out of nowhere

I returned from my winter break and began using rhino again for architectural design. I came back to find that save times are taking more than two minutes. Even the clipping plane tool, which is usually very smooth has responded with about a 10 second lag with ay action while it is enabled. Is this a problem that could be occurring because of my cpu or a rhino setting… Running Rhino 5

I think it’s fairly obvious that something changed while you were away.
Possibilities that come to mind are:

  • A Windows update
  • If your machine is supported on a network by an IT department perhaps they changed something
  • Some type of machine failure - disk damage, bad memory, etc.

If your machine was powered up while you were away perhaps a power-off reboot will fix it.
Another thing to try would be to repair or reinstall Rhino.

Hopefully others will comment with even better advice.

Do you have VRay installed?