Very Slow Move/Gumball/Rotate/Mirror

That is the weird part. It feels like something is corrupt in the file. Because even when I deleted everything in the file and draw a single curve and move it it is still slow. This also happens if I copy paste all lines/curves from this file to another and then try to move a single curve.

Another thing I should note. I just started a new file that was entirely blank. I remade all of my layout pages, and copied the layout contents from the other file manually. Then with Model space blank I drew a curve, and when I attempted to move it it seemed to be slow, but not as slow. Do you think this could be tied to the number of details I have on my layouts?

If so is there a way to disable them unless I am on each specific layout?

But before all the layouts are added, the move is ‘normal’? Also, You have a lot of blocks in the file as well as some images that are not included in the file you sent but it looks like all of the linked blocks, well only one linked, and the images have paths to a dropbox folder. I don’t expect this affects things but I notice it… synced folders raise a flag for me… does the second file that is slow but not as slow have any drop-box files?

I don’t have an idea about the number of details… the thing is, so far at least, your file behaves, here and it is missing the block and images that are on the drop box path.


Before the added layouts it is an entirely blank file, but yes movement is normal. Once I have the layouts in the file yes the picture frames are unlinked. The dropbox link still exists though for me.

The weird thing on my end is that I have tested these methods on 3 different computers varying in specs and they all have the same lag in movement.

what I have done as a work around for now since I can’t dedicate more time troubleshooting is just to link all my drawings into the “Master” Layout file.

So, the bigger brains confirm that a lot of layouts may affect performance but it may be worth checking SR12 - a new release candidate is due out this evening I think. If you change Options > Updates and statistics > Update frequency’ to ‘Release candidate’ you can get that and see if any of the fixes do anything good for the problem you’re seeing.


Great Thanks Pascal.