Very skinny surfaces removal tool thing...?

I recall a discussion some time ago where someone at McNeel wrote a bit of test code that removed these artifacts.
Ive just found the command in the V6 helpfile - RemoveAllNakedMicroEdges

but wasn’t this in V5 as a test file?

Since V6 wont run properly on this computer, I’m wanting to use it in V5, but my V5 (SR14) doesn’t appear to have this bit of test code…

Can anyone help?


Hi @rabbit

It’s there - the wording is slightly different: Testremoveallnakedmicroloops
And it doesn’t autocomplete, so you have to type the whole thing - or copy/paste it from here :slight_smile:
HTH, Jakob

Great - thanks!

Hi Rabbit - this does not get rid of ultra skinny faces in a polysurface, it takes care of tiny looped edges that cannot be joined to any other edges - these show up as ‘naked points’ in ShowEdges.


Yeah - thanks Pascal, I realise that.