Very simple question about trimming

Hi guys,
I am an architecture student who is getting used to Rhino and I have a very basic question about trimming: suppose you have a polygon or an open polyline composed of several segments, is there a way to cut one of thesides or segments without havving a reference line? I am thinking commands like Cut on Archicad or Autocad.

Thanks for your answer.

If it’s a full segment of a polyline or polycurve (from one vertex to another), you can sub-object select the segment(s) with Ctrl+Shift+click and then hit the Delete button.

If you wish to trim at arbitrary locations, then your alternatives are three:

  1. Draw a cutter and use that to trim
  2. Use Split>Point and pick one or more points to split the curve at (minimum two for closed curves), then delete the split part(s) you don’t want.
  3. Use the command _DeleteSubCrv
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Thank you! The Ctrl + Shift click was exactly what I was looking for.