Very odd display

Seeing a very strange display phenomenon here with GH (video). In the attached file/definition, I have subdivided surface with two sets of points - one on each surface at mid-domain and an offset of those points along the surface normal at each point.

The offset points don’t display correctly. Note that when I run line component between the two sets, the ends of the lines do not run through the displayed offset points. If I bake the offset points, they are in the correct physical location (ends of the lines) but not in the same location as the display indicates. In addition, if I rotate the scene, at certain angles the offset points just disappear…

Is this a known type of problem or is it a display driver issue?


DisplayAnomaly.3dm (274.3 KB) (8.1 KB)

Looks like this is a problem with alternative point display flavours. At least for me the problem is not present for the default cross-style point display. Other flavours are behaving as in your vid.

Aha! didn’t even think to check that, thanks! At one point I changed the display from cross to point for some reason, and I totally forgot to set it back… Well, looks like something needs to be fixed anyway.

Wouldn’t have seen that if my Points weren’t still in chunky old cross style… See where it works, compare the differences in setup. That’s what this forum is for.

Too bad I didn’t check that before I just updated to .76. Might have helped narrow down the code changes.

As the onscreen preview is all OpenGL trickery, I also wonder if it’s video driver related…

GeForce GT 750M, Driver Version 344.11

Still, if it works for one set of points, why should it not work for another set?

If you route the moved points through a point parameter, they display correct. This is really strange. AFAIK, the display drawing should be handled by the parameter itself. So the points would draw their own previews not the Move component.

Also an interesting observation… --Mitch

Excellent observation! The Point parameter knows it only has to deal with points, so it optimizes the display. However the Move component needs to work on all geometry, and is therefore not optimized in the same way. This will help narrow down the search. Thanks.

I have same problem too