Very nasty stuff

I just created some definition … And these windows fly out easily :slightly_frowning_face: What is the matter? This is after closing, of course, I saved everything before. (1.3 KB)

Have a try this way.

All the same :frowning_face:

I just open the Error, and when I close everything, I immediately get errors :slightly_frowning_face:

Hell, if I just create several components (Timer + Slider), the output already has errors … Windows 10

I can’t repeat it either. Which versions of Rhino and Grasshopper is this happening on?

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I just have Rhino 6.11 + GH.

Your error message appears to have Cyrillic characters: different language settings might be enough for people being unable to reproduce the error. What language and keyboard is your Windows set up for?

Thanks, do you have any way to upgrade to 6.16?

As @jeremy5 said, it could be due to a locale difference. I’m assuming the error message is something along the lines of ‘Object reference not set to an instance of an object’?

The program is in English, Windows in Russian, and the keyboard already varies …

Now I can’t, I planned in the near future somehow …


Now I can’t, I planned in the near future somehow …

Rhino upgrades are free, just go to updates in the options menu.

I understand :slightly_smiling_face: But now I am finishing an old project, better later for convenience …

@DavidRutten, @Michael_Pryor, I updated and everything is fine :slightly_smiling_face:

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