Very Crashy Build

I did another test, and that was to replace the material with another image, deleted the 24 copies and saw that Cycles became very sluggish. But upon resetting Cycles it became snappy again.

So something isn’t right. @nathanletwory I guess this is somehting for you :slight_smile:

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Well, they are more recent than mine, I use the 432 drivers.
So they are at least not too old :slight_smile:

(I have to run, workday is over, good luck on getting it stable!)

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The correct observation is: Cycles doesn’t currently do progressive resolution refine at all.

Some big changes have been made to Cycles and how the pixels move from it to Rhino. Resolution refine will be reimplemented soonish.

As a result of the big changes you’ll find that using _Render with Rhino Render (Cycles) gives now render speed very close to viewport.


Hey @John_Brock, @nathanletwory,

I caught the culprit red-handed :wink:

This is a reproducible scenario, happens every time:

NOTE: this is the build that Nathan gave me.

cleaner version:

what’s the best industry for subd? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You didn’t send in crash report for this though? I found two reports for the crashes with the two days older build. Neither was due to Raytraced.

I did send them, perhaps they are not processed yet.