(Very) buggy curve

(Attention: crash bug !)

Attached is a bad curve from a file a client sent me…Very bad curve. In addition to being invalid, if you try running SimplifyCrv on it, Rhino crashes (both V5 and V6). CurveBoolean crashes as well. Explode will not explode it, most commands don’t work on it. If you Extrude it - which seems to work miraculously - and explode the result, you see the problem - overlapping segments in the original.

I am trying to ascertain how this curve was made…

Anyway, one for the bugtracker. --Mitch

courbe très merdique.3dm (352.7 KB)

Hmmmm … ConvertToBeziers then Join
=> a closed valid curve …

Huh…! Nice find, would never have thought of that… ! --Mitch

Hi Mitch - any idea where this came from? Did Rhino make the curve?

Also, just fyi, my test of CurveBoolean including this curve seems OK and the result is OK. SimplifyCrv is not so good…



Trying to find out. For the moment it might have come from a CurveBoolean involving some imported curves… that’s all the info I have, I asked the client if he could create a recipe for cooking this one. --Mitch

RH-36050 is fixed in the Nov-8-2016 WIP.