Very basic question snap line to object

Hello Guys. Im absolutely new on GH. I have been trying to SNAP lines and curves to Objects but cannot make it. I want , for example that a curve snaps to a circle cuadrant, as on rhino, but it can be modify as change the radius or height on the circle.

Is there a way. THanks

Snapping is quintessentially a mouse-interface feature. I don’t see how that translates to Grasshopper. Can you elaborate?

Hello. Perhaps i was not clear. I want a line or curve to be referenced at another line or curve mid point, endpoint, circle cuadrant. For example. I have a circle and a line from center to a circle cuadrant. if I make bigger or smaller the circle, the line modify as well

That is literally what grasshopper is. Relationships between data. So set up the relationship you want. See attached. (6.3 KB)

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Amazing. This is great. I will study the parameters and the components now. Thanks Man! greetings from Colombia