Vertices of Surfaces Not Showing

Hi all,
Not sure if this is just a glitch or if there is an obvious workaround that I’m missing, but I’m trying to get the corner vertices of a few surfaces. I am trying to use deconstruct brep, and get the vertices from there, but as you can see, sometimes it neglects some of the corners of the surfaces.

Is there another way to guarantee getting the corner vertices of the surfaces no matter the iteration? The main issue is I’m trying to run an iterative design process so I need to know with confidence the corner vertices will always be there, as they will be important for different things farther along in the design process.
Surface (30.8 KB)


And the Typology Parcels cluster: (Topology?)

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control points…

Yeah maybe post a simplified definition with native components…

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I by-passed parts of your code and created the purple group, which shows four vertices (or more in some cases) on all fragments:

Surface (39.5 KB)

This topic has been solved :question: