Vertical selection do not work

I have 12 simple curves. If i select horizontal top 4 curves - after selection Rhino make surface from 4 curves.
If i select vertical side 4 curves - after selection nothing make surface from 4 curves

  1. Horizontal Selection Top Curves (command - Surface from 2,3,4 edge curves)

  2. Command make surface from 2,3,4 edge curves

  3. Vertical Selection Side Curves - Nothing make

I assume you are trying to use EdgeSrf with the four vertical curves as input. The input curves to EdgeSrf need to be a closed or an almost closed loop. Try using Loft to form a single surface from the four vertical curves. Or create four separate side surfaces using the edge curves for each side.

Commands which can be used to create surfaces include Loft, Sweep1, Sweep2, EdgeSrf, NetworkSrf, ExtrudeCrv, ExtrudeCrvAlongCrv, and others.

All curves contunuity G0 - Position, for command Surface from 2,3,4 edge curves, do not need closed or almost closed loop.

Question - Horizontal Selection - work, Vertical Selection - not work
Curve.3dm (25.1 KB)

Which four curves are causing problems?

Screen № 3

As you have already made the top surface - what you are probably seeing is that in window selecting the 4 side curves, you are also selecting one of the top surface edges with it - thus 5 curves, not 4, so Rhino doesn’t do anything. I would call this a “limitation”…

Workaround? Pull up the selection filter and temporarily uncheck “surfaces” as you are doing this. Don’t forget to re-check it afterward.

Or select the curves individually, or use the crossing box to select the curves and then start the command EdgeSrf.