Vertical fins not casting shadows on horizontal plane

Hi, I have been trying to compare the impact of different vertical fin options on the amount of shaded area on a horizontal PV element. It seems to me that the shadows casted by the vertical fins are not shown properly on the horizontal plane, below are some screenshots to illustrate the issue.

How it looks like in Rhino:

How I would expect the shadows to be casted due to vertical fins:

Here is the Rhino file for reference:
2023-0405 PV overshadowing studies.3dm (632.9 KB)

Any guidance or support would be much appreciated, thank you.

Hi Crystal - that is due to the size of the scene - if you Isolate those objects (hiding the more distant objects that are making the overall scene larger) , they will cast better shadows.

You can use the camera based clipping bubble in the display mode settings well, or just raytrace the viewport, that does not have the limitations of shadow maps.


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