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I need to model fixed vertical screens in a rectangular shape, measuring 40x350x60 cm (b x h x p), on the exterior façade of the tower (highlighted in blue in the attached photo). I am also enclosing a photograph of the project used as a reference to give a better idea of the final effect that was intended.

I was thinking of isolating the edges of the squares forming the envelope using “Deconstruct Brep”, then generating an offset of just the vertical edges and continuing by creating a surface and extruding it. I would like to ask if someone please knows how I can select only the vertical edges that I have highlighted in the picture (in the image only one part is highlighted in yellow, I would need to select each vertical edge of the squares forming the outer casing and delete the duplicates, so as not to get errors during offset and extrusion). The Brep in question is the one highlighted in yellow via “Custom Preview”.

Thank you very much for your time! :slight_smile: (35.0 KB)

Dot Product


Edges from Direction woudl probably also work in this case. Dot product is better as it allows to set a tolerance.

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My complements on a very well defined and prepared question. All too rare…

I forgot one detail you mentioned and will get to it later, unless you do it first? (36.0 KB)

P.S. Looking at deleting the “duplicates”, it might not be as straight forward as I thought?


This is a completely different approach. First, all the surfaces are organized into branches by their normal vectors (purple group). Then the vertical edges are isolated (cyan group), duplicate lines are deleted and the remaining edges are all flipped so they start at their bottom end points. Finally, a domain box is created (green group) that replaces the extrusions in the previous effort (version ‘a’). (46.9 KB)

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Hello Joseph,

thank you very much for your valuable reply! I think the second method works perfectly!

I have a bit of difficulty in understanding how to modify them, is it possible to reduce them in height (e.g. to 3.50 metres each, reducing the screens by 25 cm both above and below, as in the image that I’ve uploaded)?

Finally, is it possible to duplicate the newly created boxes parallel to the face of the casing? I would need to make the pitch of the structure more dense, as in the image below, but I would still like to be able to choose how many vertical screens there will be in each module (e.g. with a slider or some other easily manipulated element).

This will be very useful for me in the future! :grin:
Thank you very much! :v:t2:

Yes but… I failed to notice “both above and below” before doing this, which only shortens the height: (47.2 KB)

There are several ways to do “both above and below”. Scale NU in Z only is one of them. As to specific dimensions, that’s up to you, I can’t be bothered, sorry.

I don’t understand any of that? Again, sorry.

It’s very important that you understand everything so you can modify the code yourself. Feel free to ask questions.

P.S. Here’s a different way to shorten at both ends (yellow group).

HK_SDP_2023Jun9d (43.9 KB)

The last solution is perfect, thank you! :blush:

I will study the codes you provided well! Unfortunately I still have a bit of difficulty with domains when the geometries start to get a bit more complex, this blocks me even on simple actions.
Let’s say that this is my first real solo exercise and I am trying to learn by doing (I have done a course before but every project then has its difficulties). Here I found a good resource for learning! :muscle:t2:

Sorry if I wasn’t comprehensive before, my other question was, what method would you use to copy an object, such as in this case the vertical screen that has just been created, so that it is coplanar to the face it is on? For example on a tower of this type, where each face has the same element, I would need a command that would allow me to copy these elements along the various faces of the tower. I have tried to schematise the problem in the photo I enclose.

Something like this but applied on each vertical screen, in the drawing I have only highlighted a few boxes but in reality I would need to copy all of them in this way on the respective side.

These boxes (“vertical screens”?) are already coplanar to the surfaces, eh? From your latest image, it looks to me like you want one box in between each of the ones I created? I could just say Move but that ignores important details like:

  • which ones to move?
  • which direction to move it?
  • how far to move it?

I don’t have easy answers to those questions. Whatever I might do (if I’ve guessed your objective?) will likely be far above your skill level. If I had known this earlier, I might have organized the data trees differently, but now it looks like a major re-org. :man_facepalming:

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Is this it? I added the white group… I hope you can figure out what it does on your own. (47.0 KB)

I take that back. Five versions in one day is too much!


Hi Joseph, yes I would never have got there on my own honestly! Thank you very much for the valuable help! I’ll tick the solution box, thanks again!!!