Vertical canvas?

Has the discussion happened before about making the canvas have a vertical option instead of left to right?

on my laptop, i keep wanting to rotate the canvas 90º so it occupies the right 1/3 of the screen with the components linking top/bottom instead of sideways… (and better yet, do so with the way GH is currently working with osx split view )

it’s not a request or anything… just curious is all.

It has been requested before, a few times in fact. However I don’t think it will happen. It would make developing any UI element for Grasshopper a lot more work and prone to mistakes. Screens are also becoming more rectangular and less square over time, meaning that if you dock GH left or right, it will occupy a roughly squaring region.

I don’t think a horizontal layout is inherently better than a vertical one (except for those people who are more comfortable reading right to left I suppose), but allowing both sounds to me like more trouble than it’s worth.

heh, that’s what i was thinking if i try to put myself in developer’s shoes… too much work with not very many people making use of it.
thanks for your thoughts on it.

maybe keep everything the exact same except the canvas could rotate 90º?
that said, i imagine some of the sliders and panels and whatnot wouldn’t do so well if nothing changed other than the rotation.

bonus though that the words would be in the easier orientation…

Maybe … just allowing any component to rotate 90 degrees … or just to rotate … :slight_smile:

Yes, I understand that that would require quite some work … but this holds for a lot ( I’d say too many …) of our wishes, doesn’t it ? :wink:


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I forgot to link this post and thought that was too old to bring it back (as the reasons and requests are similar but slightly different). For more information follow this link:

To add some information about one of the ideas exposed:

  • Items with capability of switch between landscape and portrait. The connection logic is kept between components set to the same “mode”.


There was an interesting post about similar ideas (from Houdini) over on the GH forum yesterday. I too am quite particular to this style of drawing graphs/flow-charts. I suppose that the path of least resistance (in terms of development) might be to be simple add the capacity to rotate a component 90 degrees clockwise (making its input params be on top and output on the bottom, like Emilio also mentioned). And enabling an orthographical/rounded wire option :open_mouth: