Version for Mac [using windows version]

Thanks a lot for this plugin.
I installed the windows version since the mac version did not work with my rhino 5.

I got less errors , but I still have one:

Is it possible to solve?

I think this is the last version that works for rhino 5 mac… not all the components function however:

unfortunately the component not working “bake” is the one I need to get the outcome:


Thanks anyways!

Human.gha (414 KB)
This version (I think it’s the same one I posted above!) works fine in Rhino 5 for mac — Bake geometry loads no problem:

What version of Rhino 5 mac are you using?

5.5.3 Version

Then try the one I just uploaded. I would be very surprised if this error still occurred since I have no trouble with it in the same version.

Actually you are right. The error had to do that I was opening a file coming from another user forum. I look for the component in my version and just added again. Thanks so much for your fast response.

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