Version 4.0 SR5b on Win8

Hi Rhino Users,

I updated my computer, now I’m using Win8. Several commands are returning “uknown commands”, as MergeAllFaces, Moveface, etc.

On Win7, using same computer, these commands, doesn’t return any error.

Rhino Version 4.0 SR5b.

Should I install Win7 or are there way to fix it?


PS: Sorry for eventual similar topic and my poor English : D

Hi Kory- it sounds like some plug-ins are not loading. Try closing all Rhinos, then right click on the Rhino icon and choose ‘Run as Administrator’. Does that work any better?


It worked!

I’m really thankful (and ashamed)!

Do you can delete the topic, if the case.

Thanks you again!

Well, there is no way for you to know this! it sometimes helps, and this time it did. Does starting normally (not as Administrator) also work now?


Unfortunately not. Only as Administrator I can execute these commands and I’m not getting work with two files opened.

Finished problems :slight_smile:

Following this way:

Right click on Rhinoceros > Properties > Shortcurt tab > Advanced > Select Run as Administrator.

Just another way to Run as Admin.

Working |o|