Ventilated air cavities

Hi everyone,

I’m a big fan of the Rhino & GH and all the other insects community! Eventually I got myself started using these amazing tools! (:

Recently I was looking for a way to simulate the thermal effects of a ventilated air cavity (rainscreen facade) on the overall envelope performance in honeybee? I’m especially interested in warm/hot climate zones and the possible benefits regarding energy load (reduce cooling demand) and thermal comfort (internal surface temperatures).

Is it possible to integrate natural air flow between the external cladding and construction surface depending on buoyancy?

Thanks a lot.

@jt608 thanks for your post. A warm welcome in our community forum :star_struck:
I guess best will be to ask at you can draw zones that will be representing your cavity, but I guess best would be CFD for this task. Here is the best place to ask about geometry. You will have to build a watertight model and if you struggle to achieve this I guess this is the place. I hope this helps

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: I will post in the other forum!