Vega and Rhino

seems to work fine . flys in wirefame. shaded is great too.
this was how it moved in artistic

cycles looks promising. the materials didn’t show at first . probobly me not knowing how to open such a file. this is just some library stuff i gave it. render moves well . VERY COOL
Much respect to mecneel. This Is very exciting . P.s : try Curve piping.

Hmm, lemme get that model too, will be interesting to see why it looks transparent. @camelworks, what file specifically did you download from the model page?

the 3dm preview file. attached (how do you spell this word?) a photo with the details

Do not think Its a cycles Thing . was the same in rendering.
props are du to rex fu who made this

the vega is running strong now. 77 c but its 30 c here so…
You wrote above it’s possible to use the cpu with the gpu. Is it avaliable already?

Not easily, and with our current state it’d probably not as useful - work-stealing doesn’t work fully yet.

All materials were set to have 100% transparency.

Missed this before - great :slight_smile: I am a Blender dev veteran (since 2003)

Cool, I did a quick render with the WX 9100 as the rendering device. It was easy fixing the materials: right mouse button any material \Rightarrow Select Objects, create a new material, RMB \Rightarrow new material \Rightarrow Assign to objects. Rinse and repeat.


@camelworks, getting model and checking on my setup :slight_smile:

@nathanletwory, I started using blender since 2.48 :wink:

I see it looks great for fast visualis for last minute! (Just screenshot and throw to presentation).

Anyway, I did a render 2 years ago for academy project:

PS GTX 970 ran out of mmry, forced to render on CPU (7 hours on i7-6700K, needed 7kx5k resolution), on GTX 1060 runs fine and needed “only” 2 hours to complete. So…

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Well, my GTX 1060 not shines in several viewports (technical, Raytraced (no surprise here), artistic is laggy).
Quadro K2200 can say nothing here, especially in RT.
Fallbacking to main subject of thread. Get Vega 56 or GTX 1070 for Raytraced, Blender and possibly for V-Ray? AMD get their best and confused some people. :wink:

Cool. I tried to make the head lights light up by changing the emission color. Didn’t realy work. Any tips about emittion in cycles?

Oh crap! I putted light to tej headlights and they’re dark. Seems to be a model error.

The best way is to use the hidden material Cycles Emissive . First enable the hidden materials with _TestShowPrivateContent, then you can add such a material (check the More Types... if it isn’t visible in the first context menu). Fall-off types are 0 = no-fall off, 1 = linear, 2 = quadratic.

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In case you haven’t noticed, @aitorleceta, @LukaszKosciesza, @camelworks : GhShaderNodes + Raytraced + Rhino 6 / 2018.05.03


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Much respect Nathan.Cheers

thank you nathan, lets try it!

I’m running P4000 + 7700HQ for rhino-grasshopper. in terms of cpu power, it is okay. However when it comes to displaying custom preview colors, it is a bit painful. I couldn’t be sure whether it’s because of the GPU or the CPU, but I wouldn’t recommend using P4000.