Vectors don't go around spin forces

Hi everyone,
This might be simply…
My vectors don’t go around spin forces in this case couldn’t figure out why

Please read that !

Here attached the gh file
thank you!!! (16.2 KB)

I opened your file and changed nothing.

It’s working, isn’t it ?

Your Rhino is probably in a different units setting than theirs.

Ok, looked like I changed the radius in the Picture before. Here’s one without changing anything. Really this time :smiley:


Does Units matter? I mean, isn’t it unrelevant, if they are in mm or m? Because everything scales with each other.

Not really, depends what is relying on what. Especially if one is in Metric and the other in Imperial. And also with referenced geometry and tolerances.

Hi !
I changed some units and scale settings, then it became things like this :disappointed_relieved:

There used to be a bug with the spin-force in that it wrongly transformed points that were not in the spinning plane. This has been fixed in GH for Rhino6, are you running on Rhino5?