Vector3d.Subtract an point subtraction

(Petras Vestartas) #1

Does Vector3D.Subtract(vec1,vec2) and Point3D-Point3D produce the same result?

(Dale Fugier) #2

@Petras, yes. But the order of the operation is important.

– Dale

(Petras Vestartas) #3

What do you mean by order?

Subracting either from first vector/point or vice versa?

I had this question because I was using library that does all operation with vectors only.

Other side question:
what is the benefit for using matrices as vector arrays instead of using just arrays of vectors only?
Is it in general faster working with matrices that represents vector array? Or there are very convenient method for matrices for instance using eigen library?

(Dale Fugier) #4

Hi @Petras,

As vectors have direction, the order of the operation is important.

I’m not sure I understand the context. And I don’t know anyting about an eigen library…

– Dale