Vector Tracing

Just putting this out there-

What are the chances that Rhino could ever have vector tracing functionality built in?

It would really round out Rhino as a capable design package for me if I was able to vectorize clean analog data like PDFs of architect’s drawings, crappy inaccurate cad data like Vellum output, or data with curves that are overpopulated with teeny tiny segments from data that has already been over-manipulated.

This would probably be by far the most useful improvement I could possibly think of: To be able to vector trace “in-house” would me the single most helpful thing for me to streamline my design processes that Rhino does not already supply.

    • David Naisuler

Check these:


And these:


These look great, thanks for sending them over! Never was a big fan of Vector Magic, but did get into Potrace a long time ago, that was a good package that I think I lost use of due to hardware changes- never did rediscover it until the mention of it in the description of this Rooster implementation. I’ll be giving them both a shot!
I still think it would be great if it were more tightly incorporated, but I am not a grumbler :slight_smile:

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