Vector print doesn't keep quality for multiple pages

I wanted to make of multiple pages a pdf, and noticed the line weight/color of the first page always comes out darker and like it should be, and the other pages are a lighter color. You can see it on the pdf below. It are 3 exactly the same papers in my Rhino layout that I just copied, and saved with vector print. Saving the papers one by one there is no problem, but as I have around 50 to do… I can already see the difference of color in the preview. Someone knows if I am doing something wrong to print it? Thanks! :slight_smile:

vector print test.pdf (3.4 MB)

Maybe it´s a printer setting, a.k.a. "first page different?

@msmr Thanks for the answer, I looked in my printer settings in rhino, but I find nothing with something like first page… Do you now where I can find this?
I noticed the darkest page is always the one that is selected in the layout. Is there maybe an option to select all pages?