Vector field floor tiling

Hi everyone !

Is it possible to tile a floor with a vector field ?

I mean a vector field like this one but with tiles, as if there were trees in the center of the attractor, and of course with editable width/lenght of the tiles :

Thank you !!!

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No one ? :frowning:

Something like this

Well this is what i got, i jave now to make perpendicular lines between all curves to make tiles. Any suggestion ?

jardmem.3dm (671.0 KB) (24.1 KB)

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Sort of Mosaic ?

Yes kind of but much more like long tiles

No one knows how to make perpendicular lines between curves ? Maybe it will be necessary to simplify. Some curves are too close from each other

You are not clear,

is not the same as

You coud use offset or geodesic to get the parallel curves, divide them by length, then make a perpandicular.

Search a bit on the forum for mosaic, offset, …’ check this project