Vector field curve flow on surface

Hi there,

I want to use a magnet component to make curves flowing on the surface. I think it should like this result.

But what I have now is like this.
The curve does not flow on the surface. it popped out.

This is another reference image. But in this one, curve only flows on the plan. I thought Kangaroo may have some ability to do it. But I don’t have any idea right now.
Any suggestions are helpful!
Thank you!

curve flow (284.8 KB)

Hi @ziaow,

Maybe this is a useful work-around:
curve flow (289.2 KB)

it’s done 2D then mapped, just because - though that doesn’t mean it can’t be done in any other way. Also, I didn’t make the ribbons (surfaces) - left that to you :wink:

I hope it’s of help!


Hi @corellaman,

Thank you for your helping. I think this is a good way to do it, but I am seeking some methods that can change these control points directly on the surface. Is it possible to use point UV on the surface to do a similar move in your script and then remap these points to surface again?

offsetting on the surface might be slow/buggy - but yes - turn off the curve mapping at the end and instead of the square flat surface plug in the tower surface directly at the beginning

curve flow (292.8 KB)

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Hi @corellaman,

your method is very helpful! But is there any way to apply different offset forces for each control point? Right now, there is only one spreading parameter controlling all points.