Vector arrow object type in Rhino

It would be nice to have a simple or vector arrow object type in Rhino that could be obtained by baking vector objects from Grasshopper. Unlike marker objects there would be no text with this object and it would be composed of a single line and an arrowhead with the option to put an arrow at both ends with several styles of arrows

You can do this in Rhino 8 Grasshopper by using the new Leader component, you give it a line input (which can be a vector) to convert to the leader and can set the arrow style(s) and such. If you leave the text input blank it will just be an arrow.

I recently did this with some text dots (also Rhino 8) to make some text dots pointing to specific elements


How did you set the arrow style please… I see input in the component (but no options)…and cannot find anything in settings…I am on a mac with ver 8

I found a component called annotation arrow settings…how do I apply that to. all documents in Grasshopper ?
The main reason for needing this is so that I can make the arrows easier to see in the point order component…

Hi @giusseppe ,

You need a Leader component and an Annotation Arrow Settings component connected to the Leader.

If you right click on the La input (Leader Arrow) you can set the arrow style