VB script on mac

I’m trying to run marching cubes definition which bases on VB script on mac. But unfortunately there is something wrong. I can’t figure out what exactly is not working. Is it something with syntax or it’s rather due to grasshopper for mac development stage.

I would much appreciate any help.

All the best

It looks like that:

Hi @jllibera,

That appears to be a VB compiler hard crash, so unfortunately it’s hard to find out what part of your code is causing the problem.

The VB compiler used on mac is very limited and has quite a few bugs unfortunately. One thing you can try is change your code slightly so it has the same logic but different syntax. Also, keep in mind that mono’s VB compiler is also stuck at around VB.NET 2.0 syntax, so any of the newer syntax won’t work either.

If you still can’t figure it out, I can dig deeper if you don’t mind sending me the VB script you’re working with.


Read File component is also not working.

Hi Curtis,
Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I’m afraid that my coding skills are not sufficient to rewrite the syntax.
Basically I was trying to run 140120_marching_cubes.gh taken from this post: http://www.grasshopper3d.com/profiles/blogs/marching-cubes-curve-wrapping-more-metaballs
I’ve tried it on windows and it works.


I see that. Logged in RH-37795.