VB. net for Mac

Hi there,
Sorry if you’ve covered this already or if its a really silly question. I’m totally new to Grasshopper so please forgive me
I’m trying to model Conway’s Game of Life in Grasshopper for Mac, and I can’t seem to find the VB components I’ve found in some examples I’ve been trying out. Any solutions?

Thank you!!

I think the VB.net component is still on the development pile for Mac Grasshopper. For the moment, I think the only Mac GH scripting language supported is Python. (someone correct me if I’m wrong).


Thanks a lot Mitch!
I sort of gathered that as I went through the forums, but just wanted to be double sure. Is it possible to simply import a Python script as an object in Grasshopper then?


VB components are now in the latest RhinoWIP. Please give them a try.