vaSlab not shown correctly in Rhino7

Only the top faces of a vaSlab is generated (example has 2 slab layers). Bottoms and sides are missing.
test vaSlab (33.2 KB)
Also, when saving this file as Rhino6 and opening it there, Rhino crashes.
Thanks for looking into this!
Best regards

Hi @Eugen,

The document tolerance es 1 meter. This means that anything with a thickness of less than 1 meter can be considered flat. As the slab thicknesses are 50 cm, VisualARQ just creates a planar surface, in order to avoid geometry errors due to the loose tolerance.

I cannot reproduce this crash. I’ve just saved the document in Rhino 6 format, and I can open it fine in Rhino 6 with VisualARQ 2.9 installed. Can you send me the file that is crashing on your computer? Have you any other third-party plug-in installed in Rhino 6? You can also send me the.DMP file that should appear on the desktop when Rhino 6 crashes, or just report the crash to McNeel, and if the crash is caused by VisualARQ, I’ll get the report.