vaSection questions

Sometimes, when using vaSectionAddJog multiple times, the previous added point (jog) disappears.
Is this a bug?
Repro: just create a vaSection, then ‘play’ with adding jogs.

A question: is it possible to remove jog points? Del key does not work.


I can’t reproduce it, could you share a video?

Yes, you need to use the vaSectionRemoveJog command.

Here you go (sorry about the logo):

Ok, thanks! Could this be put onto the DEL key somehow?

Thanks a lot!

Ok, I could reproduce it now. It looks like it is happening only when using object snaps, so as a workaround you can do it without using them for now but I’ll report the bug to find a solution.

Ok, I’ll report this issue as well but take into account you can assign an alias to any command:


Thanks again, Alfonso!

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