Various errors during the first rhino.inside.revit steps

Hi there,

I’m moving the first step using rhino.inside.revit and I encountered some problems.
I opened an existing revit file and then, in the rhino wip window, I opened an existing rhino (and then GH) file.
I made the first attempt to achieve what I had in mind and during the process I observed errors were popping up, I didn’t care cause I only wanted to get confident with the components. Once finished I closed all the files without saving.
The problem is that if I open those files in rhino alone (both 6 and 7WIP) I can see the errors made their way on the original files (?).
Some examples:

as soon as I open the file there’s a box saying: CRhinoObject.m_geometry.IsValid() returned false.
Disable this message box for the rest of the modelling session? - then of course i click OK.
While opening the file Rhino finds bad object even in files linked and never opened in revit(never happened before the rhino.inside experiment).
As soon the file is open another box: Errors occured while the last command was running. See the debugger’s output window for details.

Use the testerrorcheck etc etc

If I use the testerrorcheck it crashes.

Say I don’t use it and keep on working on my file, If I open some gh solutions and bake some solid breps errors start popping up.

Anyone with the same problem or with some suggestion?

It seams that your setup has all the debugging messages enabled.
Rhino.Inside Revit only enables those messages if you run ‘Rhino in verbose mode’ when it fails to launch, and it should disable those messages back before closing.

In order to disable this manually please download decompress it and run Disable RhinoSDK Messages.reg while Rhino is closed.
After that if you want to also disable the RhinoDebugMessages.txt generation open Rhino and run TestErrorCheck command on Rhino command line.

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Thank you Kike, it partially works. Now the boxes don’t pop up anymore but Rhino still finds bad objects while opening the file (even in the linked ones). Once opened I run the command selbadobjects and there are none.
How can I solve this last problem?

May I see that bad objects error message while opening?

Sure: I copied the command history as soon as the file was opened, here is the paste:

Loading Rhino Render, version 1.50, Jan 28 2020, 13:51:45
1 bad objects were created while reading “Z:\ATTIVE\Torre Libeskind\2_PROGETTO\Disegni STUDIO\Crown\Cellule crown.3dm”
2 bad objects were created while reading “Z:\ATTIVE\Torre Libeskind\2_PROGETTO\Disegni STUDIO\Crown\Strutture aggiornate.3dm”
36 bad objects were created while reading “Z:\ATTIVE\Torre Libeskind\2_PROGETTO\Disegni STUDIO\Crown\Disp cellule.3dm”
Successfully read file “Z:\ATTIVE\Torre Libeskind\2_PROGETTO\Disegni STUDIO\Crown\Cellule crown.3dm”
Creating meshes… Press Esc to cancel
Command: SelBadObjects
No objects added to selection.
No bad objects selected.
Command: _CommandHistory

I guess this models are linked blocks, in that case you need to open the linked files and run SelBadObjects there in order to identify your bad objects.

Rhino finds bad objects both on the file I opened and on the linked ones, unluckily in neither of them I can spot the bad objects using selbadobjects.

Do you have same behaviour running Rhino alone than inside Revit?
Could you share with me one of those models that are giving you errors?
You can use this tool for a private transfer

Yep, the behaviour is the same, it finds even the same number of errors. I will upload the “mother” file without the linked ones in a couple of minutes

Command CheckNewObjects should disable your messages as well.

This is what I have here…


Nope, same as this morning… maybe something’s changed when using rhino with revit?

I Analysed the model you sent me and was saved last time with a Rhino v6.21 so not inside Revit that runs on a Rhino 7.0 WIP.

I’m reproducing what you describe here and if you disable the object creation validation using the command CheckNewObject those messages disappear, Rhino has this disabled by default.


Please double check you pick ‘No’ when run CheckNewObject like this.

You said that you didn’t save your model so nothing has changed in your file.
If you saved it you would have a .3dmbak file next to your file.
To be even more sure you can also check the file modified date in Windows Explorer.

It is working now, thank you Kike for your help!


Thanks for confirming.

This worked for me, I could not turn off testerrorcheck, it would keep reappearing.