Variational Surface cutting

Can rhinoceros do variational surface cutting? Click on link below to see some stuff please!

No there’s not an implementation in Rhino currently.
You can read Nick and Keenan’s paper here:

You could generate similar patterns with a curve growth approach like given here, but that won’t result in strictly distortion minimizing patches unless you also implement the energies from the paper above.

Here’s how you could generate something similar with TriRemesh & Kangaroo (26.5 KB)


I did that using some different way than Nervous, but it is not so bad.


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Hi @laurent_delrieu , thank you for reply, really nice and smooth result, I will try it, thank you.

Hi @DanielPiker, thank you for reply, I will check this stuff, nice result from kangaroo, really good job. Thank you so much!