Variation of Circle Size using 2D Grid (amendment to existing definition)

I have this definition which populates a grid with circles, using a single circle radius and conditional random arrangements. I’d like to introduce another condition which specifies 4 radius values for the circles dependent on their distance from the Y Axis. It would then be possible to control the radius of the circles at the top of the panel blending to the bottom of the panel through the 4 sizes.

I would expect that I need to extract the Y value, determine the max and min values, and then apply a specific radius for 0-25%, 26-50%, 51-75% and 76-100%?

Any help would be great.

GARDEN (12.3 KB)

this might be one way:

GARDEN (18.7 KB)

the Count slider on the left defines how many “zones” you have

to be fair, this doesn’t literally count the distance from Y axis because it’s based on the Remap that already is there, and because the Source input of the Remap is set to the Bounds of the Y values, it will just divide into n parts between the position of the item at the highest Y and the position of the item at the lowest Y

a note, don’t really know how this definition is working in detail, I see you are sorting lists with 1 item :slight_smile: so I guess there’s something weird going on somewhere…

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That’s great - thanks so much for your input! Dividing the element into 4 zones is perfect - and produces the same result in a much more efficient way. The only element I’d like to develop further would be the specific circle sizes - ie something like 10mm at the bottom, 9mm lower mid, 8mm upper mid, 7mm at the top.

You use an expression to control the radius as 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of the original value. Is there a way to independently control the radius for each zone instead? This would help to make the sizes suitable for machining etc.

Thanks so much!

you could use something like this:

GARDEN (18.5 KB)

adding more Radii values will increase the number of zones

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That is a perfect solution - thanks so much for all your help on this!

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