Variant Number type not dividing

New weird error:

Has anyone seen this on a division before? I seem to have a number that even though I pass it through a num component is still a “variant” and I can’t divide. It works perfectly fine in an eval component, but not on a simple divide component. Any ideas as to what causes this?

Files always help if you want help. We don’t know the number in question.

Where does the VariantType come from? from an Evaluate component? For sure that it doesn’t work if you pass it through a numerical parameter before you plug it to the Division?

I bet there’s something wrong with the Expression component or wherever it came from, because that VariantType shouldn’t be coming out, I think.

@Michael_Pryor, here is my example file. I didn’t upload it initially because it is a cluster and we are not allowed to upload clusters (that should probably be changed). I just realized I can zip it along with an isolated .gh file.

Rhino (15.7 KB)

I did some more looking around. The number is totally fine going into the cluster. I can perform a division function fine without any issues. But something about passing the number into the cluster messes it up. Pulling directly off of the input shows that the number is now a variant number type.

cluster and we are not allowed to upload cluster (that should probably be changed).

You can just put the cluster in a Grasshopper file and send the Grasshopper file.

So no one has any ideas?

I have no issues on this component !!! I am running Rhino 6 SR23 (6.23.20028.7531, 01/28/2020)
Quite strange.

Take out the definition of the cluster and do it again by defining the type the input parameters (after the hooks, put the parameter of the corresponding type, also with outputs). It seems to me that that cluster has been made with a too old GH version.

we don’t have an option of not using a cluster. We use the cluster because this is a calculation that happens in multiple models. s.

Just do it again.

Try with python