Variablefilletsrf - srf intersection issues

Hello everyone,

What does rhino use to determine which part of a srf/srf intersection is used to build a variablefilletsrf? Not sure if that is the best way to phrase the question but I just came across an oddity that I’ve never seen before.

The attached screenshots show the preview results of a variablefilletsrf between the same srfs, but with different pick points and/or different view orientations. The interesting ones are the first two because they clearly overlap, so why wouldn’t the first image extend to the length in the second image?

The ultimate issue was that the surfaces were barely intersecting at their edges. A simple extendsrf fixed the issue.

Also, can the command give some feedback if the length of the fillet is not the same as the length of the surface edge. Not sure how this could work, I was just hoping for something more than what was in the screenshots.


Right- this command needs a clean intersection curve to do its thing. I don’t know if it’s possible for Rhino to tell if this is not the case and let you know- I suspect that is hard if there is any intersection at all. We might be able to at least tune the prompts to ask for intersecting surfaces though. I’ll get something on the bug tracker for the developer.



Thanks for the reply Pascal.

Probably more of a concern is that there are overlapping variable fillet results that are not identical for different pick points. Clearly one pick point thinks there is a long intersection and another pick point thinks there is a short intersection, which overlap each other. Shouldn’t either pick point result in the same intersection? If I do an intersect command there is only one result.