Variable thickness of ribbon

Hii guys,

I have small task of creating ribbon with variable shape (already done that, but if you will suggest something better, Im open for help) and also with variable thickness of the ribbon itself.
The goal is to make the ribbon thinner as it goes towards the middle. The ends of the ribbon should be around 150-200 mm, but the middle has to be around 30-50 mm.
I managed to offset points of the two main curves with variable thickness, but now, I’m struggling with making solid object

Im attaching the file I made so far (33.6 KB)

please internalize the starting point / geometries and reupload your GH file:

Aaaa, sorry, I thought that I did it. Here is reuploaded file (32.4 KB)

Hopefully this one will work correctly

Reminds me of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

Yeah :smiley: :smiley: almost, just a bit smaller :smiley: