Variable surface offset based on width?

I’m interested in offsetting the pictured column-to-shell structure by varying depths based on the width of the column at any given point. That is, I wish to have the depth = (Width)x where “x” is a defined constant given by the structural engineer. I’m not sure where to start. Grasshopper? I suppose I would need to first define an axis from which to pull member widths perpendicularly. Does grasshopper have anything like a variable-offset-by-input option? I can see this being very helpful for shell structures, longspan cast members, etc. Alternately, could I offset normal by distance from the opposing edge to approximate the same end goal? Any workarounds or thoughts?Capture.pdf (249.8 KB)

Hi Brad,

Grasshopper for sure. Sorry I can’t give any more info…super busy.
I’m sure someone will be able to post a quick solution.

Hi Brad,

Did you try using the command _VariableOffsetSrf, it could be that is sufficient to manually set the varying depths of offset.


Thanks, Willem. I’m afraid I’m looking to automate the relationship based on an equation from the structural engineer. We need to be able to adjust the relative widths and have the required depths update. Looking into using grasshopper at the moment . . .