Variable radius fillet


Hi guys,

Is Variable Radius Fillet is available in RhinoCommon? Cannot find it.


(Dale Fugier) #2

Hi Dmitriy,

No, there is not. There is a CRhinoFilletEdge class in the C++ SDK that fillets, chamfers, or blends the edges of a Brep. Does this sound like what you need?


Hi Dale,

That is exactly what I need.

At the moment I am using temporary solution:

  1. Offsetting edge on both BrepFaces
  2. Extend curves on the BrepFace
  3. Trim those faces with obtained curves.
  4. Blend curves along the edge.
  5. Generate surface with 2rails method.

However this is not very precise way - in order to control shape you need quite some input blended curves

KR, Dmitriy

(Dale Fugier) #4

I’ve added this to the RhinoCommon to-do list.

– Dale


Is there any progress on this?

(Luis Fraguada) #6

This wish and resolution are documented in our issue tracker:

This has been added to RhinoCommon in Rhino 6: