Variable fillet egde, in the "setAll" option: why can't I set the radius to 0?

Hello all,

I’m going nuts again on the variable fillet egde function.
I’m trying to set all the handles to a radius of 0, but it won’t let me…
I can enter 0.0001, but then I get failures, bad geometry warnings and what not…
Does someone know if it’s possible to set all the handles to a radius of 0 at once?

Thank you

Hi Allan- why would you do this? Presumably you want to then change at least some of the handles to non-zero, correct?


Hi, (are you Pascal Golay by any chance?)

The problem is still about filleting 2 edges that are less than 90 degrees.
For memory our previous discussion is here:

You kindly gave me a tutorial file but I could not reproduce the result myself.

What I’m trying to do set all the radii to 0, then adding handles with a 0.45 radius.
Unfortunately, in closed angles, if the radius is set at anything above 0 I still get failures and errors.
This problem is really driving me crazy.

I’m ready to pay someone for a detailed tutorial on how to do this properly.

Thanks for your help

On the part you posted in the previous conversation, a .45 fillet will never work - fillets from nearby edges will collide, they are only .2 unts apart in the example I measured and you will need to have more than double the fillet radius available. It seems to me no matter how you do it, this part will require some patience- I would not do all edges at once, only sets of contiguous edges in one shot, maybe a couple of sets where there are holes near each other. That way you can keep track of the edges and where the handles are and not lose your mind - assuming an object of the complexity of the previous file.


Okay, but do you confirm that it is impossible to set the radius to 0 in the SetAll option?
It’s possible by selecting the handles manually, so why not in the SetAll option?

Yes it is impossible… I assume because, by itself it makes not sense, but I do understand the workflow you want, I’ll see what the developer has to say.



No sense? Then why can you set it manually to 0. If it’s possible to do it manually then it should be possible with SetAll don’t you think?
It seems to me that filleting edges that form an acute angle is a problem every user has to deal with, whatever the industry, it’s really a pity Rhino can’t handle it.


By itself this makes no sense either if applied to all handles. But as I say, I understand the workflow you are asking for… I’ll see if we can make that change.



One last thing, do you know T-Splines and do you think that it might be useful in my case?