Variable distance tabs for panels

Attached is a basic Grasshopper script to create constant and variable distance tabs for unrolled 4-sided panels. You can customize based on number of edges, etc.


I get this request often because variable tabs was part of the old PanelingTools command prPlanarLips. The new ptTabs command removed this functionality, and the reason is because it was hard to use for multiple panels (hard to determine which edges get what distance). (25.4 KB)


I updated the example to support creating tabs without recess.
image (27.2 KB)

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One more update to create tabs for curved edged panels.
image (27.2 KB)

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Sorry to bring up an old conversation, but I think my question fits here nicely. It’s kind of in two parts. One about the definition that she has posted, and the second about curve direction. When trying to use Rajaa’s definition I am not getting good results. The curves created from my triangular panels have varying directionality issues which is causing the definition to output jumbled tabs. The curves from the panels do not have consistent direction causing the offset to happen on the wrong side sometimes. Which brings me to the second part. I have tried using the flip curve component with a guide curve, but then it makes all the curves have a direction that points exactly parallel to the guide curve. Not helpful with triangular shapes. If I manually make the curves have directions that are all flowing in the same circular direction, then the script works on those.

Also, I am curious as to why there is not a ptTab component in Grasshopper?

Here is a screenshot of the results with a few curves bakes and Dir turned on:

Can you please post your definition?