VaPLanViews Don't Render Dimensions?

I thought they did, but they aren’t doing so for me today.!
What this means is that walls and dimension points have to be moved separately and cannot be selected and moved at the same time. It takes away a lot of promise from smart dimensioning.


Hi David,

This seems a bug. Can you send me the model to

Again, try yo use the realtime plan and section viewport, as they are far superior to vaPlanView and vaSectionView objects, which are obsolete.


Hi Enric,
just a small note here. The realtime plan and view can only be set in layouts or as a view without possibility to have the lines as a vector drawing for further operations right? I also use the vaPlanView, just because it offers this option to export the drawing as a vector drawing and manipulate with it separately. You could object that we can print pdf as the vector from layout as well, but as far as I remember, it always export the lines as broken elements, thus extremely hard to work with it f.e. in illustrator afterwards. Is there a chance to keep this option of va plan and views in future? In many cases it just facilitate the next steps i would say.


Hi @petumatr,

Don’t get me worng: when I say that vaPlanView and vaSectionView objects are deprecated, I mean that there is a new, and IMHO better, way of showing plan and section in details. We’re not going to remove that option.

The reason I recommend using realtime viewport is because they are better in many ways: they are realtime, all objects are displayed/occluded correctly, attributes should be correct in all cases, including per-detail layer attributes, draw-order is supported, text, annotations and solid-hatches are also supported, etc.

vaPlanView and vaSectionView objects have reached a point where improvements are too complex to achive: for example, it’s not easy (althout not impossible) to show only visible parts of texts and solid hatches. Current implementation needs to explode text into contour curves to hide them.

Using them only to show them in a detail, means that the document will contain really big blocks with lots of curves. That makes working on the model very slow, and makes document a lot bigger.

In my opinion, here are two different features: plan and section views for display/print, where realtime viewports are the way to go, and plan and section views for export.

Our plan is to add new commands to generate plan and section views as curves, like Make2D, adding support for any 3D view, including perspective projection (like Make2d). There will be also command to export all layouts to separate DWG files, having an option to use the fast hidden vector output or the slow Make2d output.

We’ve also improved the hidden vector ouput in VisualARQ 2.5, that will be published in a couple of days. It’s still not perfect, but we’ll continue improving it as much as possible.

Please, report any bug in realtime viewports and hidden vector output, so we can fix them.



I’m not having very good luck with that, at least not where the hatches are most needed (when objects are clipped). Neither are other Rhino users:

Also I can’t get door swings to show up in a 3d plan view.

I’m uploading the project in question. I’ve used the McNeel Upload page with your email address. Please let me know asap if I need to use Dropbox.

Hi David,

Take into account that the “Section attributes” panel is a VisualARQ feature, and it only applies to VisualARQ clipping planes: plan cut planes and sections. Standard Rhino clipping planes are not supported, because they are rendered by Rhino and not by VisualARQ.


The panel with the circle partially hatched on its tab?

Yes. This panel:


It is implemented in Tibidabo.rhp, a shared core plug-in of VisualARQ and Lands Design.



That explains a great deal. Thankyou.

I hope you received the model. I am hoping for a fix or workaround please.

Can you confirm the behaviour at your end? My project is accumulating dimensions on the VaViews which cannot be edited with my model. I mean the rendering of dimensions into VaViews. Earlier in this thread, Enric wrote that it may be a bug. If it’s something I can change, it would be helpful.

@djhg the dimension objects have been never generated in 2D plan or section views. (In version 1 there were automatic dimensions created in plan views, but they were removed due to many issues).
You need to draw the dimenions on top of the 2D views, (if you work generating plan views with the vaPlanView command), either in the model space or in Layout space.

Okay, but I feel the need to point out that the considerable efficiency of being able to select and edit objects and their dimensions at the same time is obstructed by that arrangement. I understand that 3d views are seen as the solution, but as other posts identify, I haven’t found a 3d view mode where controlling display and printing of line attributes, and section hatching, worked reliably in plan and section.

The Hidden display mode lets you control all these printing attributes.

I will try it again. The last time, line weight reliability through to printing was not controllable, which Rhino tech support confirmed. That was about a year ago, so here’s hoping.

Also, in the case of acute articulations in a model, the mesh occludes the linework in oblique views. I expect that’s still an issue, as it’s built into the way Rhino displays objects. Probably not an issue with Va’s architectonic shapes though.

@djhg since VisualARQ 2.9, dimensions are generated in plan views (as curves, not as texts though). VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.9 released (for Rhino 5, 6 and 7)