Value of the data drawn with the micron meters model (Grasshopper)

Hello everyone.

I’m trying to simulate refraction model by called “Sonic”.
It can simulate light rays by inputting tow refracting surface.

It seems that there is an small data error in the numerical value obtained in the output Points.

I drew it with the smallest model. Is there a way to eliminate this error?
RefracttestQ.3dm (134.9 KB) (45.3 KB)

Your tolerance is set to 0.001, so the values you underline are well within that.

Especially after calculations in floating points. There have been many posts about accuracy and perceived incorrect values, one here pointing even more other posts on this forum: Z position issues - #2 by nathanletwory

In short: computationally the values you are getting are within tolerance (several orders of magnitude) and correct.

Addendum: also keep in mind that since your numbers are “relatively large” you get less precision after the decimal separator.

Addendum2: Your x value is off by 13 picometres, the y value is off by 30 picometres. Picometre is 10^{-12}, micrometre is 10^{-6}. Your tolerance is in nanometre 10^{-9} realm.

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Dear Nathan,

Thank you for your reply and comment.
I also check the URL of the reference from you.
It helped me to understand.

Best Regards,

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