Value list minimum value causes error

Some of the inputs such as “SPAN ON CL”, I have set a minimum value in the definition of 1400. It the viewer has 1400 set as a value and you try to type in 2400 for instance, the box auto-fills with the 1400 minimum value. I guess this is because when the number is “part” typed in, i.e, the first 2 digits “24”, it sees this number as below the minimum and fills the box with 1400.

Is there a way around this, perhaps a delay without having to use Parameter validation setting?

Also, is it possible to update a parameter setting based on another value. I have set a max value of 2400 for the “SPAN ON CL” input, a higher number swithces the definition to a 4 bar framework as 2400 is the max for a 3 bar.
I would like the value in the “3 or 4 bar framework” box to update to “4 bar” when the input exceeds 2400. The definition internally switches to a 4 bar, id like this reflected in the value shown in the shapediver input box if possible.

There is already a delay when typing in the input fields. Do you find it too short?

If the Grasshopper logic sets the suitable framework then you probably don’t need that parameter as the right value is set automatically. Also, manipulating input parameters is not allowed, more here.

The best way to go about specific interactions is to build a custom UI on top of the ShapeDiver viewer with direct embedding to your web site. This gives you the full control over the UI elements and you can design a user experience your product deserves. See code examples here.

Hi Pavol.

Yes, i find the delay too short.
However, we are having the definition embedded within a website using your API and a partner company recomended by Shapediver.

reading your reply, I am taking it that I do not need to worry as they can take care of the required functionilty with code and your API.