ValidLicenseClients tag in LAN Zoo config.xml

What’s the purpose of this tag, particularly in relation to accessing LAN Zoo licenses? Ours shows our AD suffix and, in what seems to be a very recent development, machines which had been able to get a license, but are not AD members, are no longer able to. We did check the Zoo Service firewall settings – we had run into the default “same subnet” setting with an earlier Zoo upgrade – but these looked fine. We also turned the firewall off completely – no change. We haven’t yet restarted the server (machine), although we have restarted the License Server several times, and I haven’t seen anything stating that Cloud Zoo was the only solution for remote use. Is the tag not relevant, and we should be looking at other local possibilities?

Hi @wcmansp,

ValidLicenseClients is not used by the LAN Zoo.

Also, the LAN Zoo does not use Active Directory for authentication.

I don’t know what this is. Where are you seeing this?

On the systems that cannot get Rhino licenses from the LAN Zoo, have you run the Zoo Diagnostic?

More LAN Zoo issues are either firewall or routing/DNS issues.

– Dale

You are right. This turns out to be, somewhat inexplicably (ie. it wasn’t that way last week), a firewall issue. We’re working to get that resolved. The tag is one that appears in the config.xml file (%ProgramData%\McNeel\Zoo\7.0) on the license server machine. We came across it during the attempt to track down the problem, noticing that (coincidentally) all the machines showing license connections matched this pattern. A check of the Usage data, later, showed there were a couple of machines that didn’t match this pattern, so our inference about this was wrong. The problem is not with Rhino or LAN Zoo.

Thanks for this – we had no clear idea why this had stopped working.


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