Validity of Zoo License on Azure Virtual Machine


I would like to add an Azure Virtual Machine to my company’s zoo license so I can install Rhino. I am wondering if anyone has tried to do this before, and if it is within the terms of the McNeel Zoo License Agreement? Some guidance would be great on this.


Your message is worded badly so I don’t understand your question.
If you’re trying to install Rhino itself on a VM, then no, that’s not supported.

If you want to host the Zoo floating license manager on a virtual machine, then yes, you can do that.

Here’s a link to the Zoo support page:

Here’s a link to the special considerations when hosting the Zoo on a VM:

Hi John,

Thanks for your reply. I have successfully installed the 30 day free trial of Rhino already on the VM. What do you mean by “installing Rhino itself is not supported”?

It means that our testing of virtual machines has shown enough on-going performance, graphics, and stability issues that we will not support it if you have problems.

Some people do OK with Rhino on VMs while others have lots of problems.
As a result, our System Requirements page for Rhino for Windows specifically states running Rhino on VMs is not supported.

You’re on your own and I hope you’re one of the lucky successful ones.

Ah I see. Thanks for your help