Validation Key for Mac

I can’t find a page to insert the validation key that i got from Rhino Mac page. As a result, my rhino is still in Trial mode. Help!

What version of Rhino for Mac WIP are you using? Is Rhino for Mac otherwise working as expected?

I downloaded Rhino for Mac yesterday. Today, I downloaded the newest one with hope that this issue could be fixed, but when I was navigated to the Validation page, it didn’t let me insert the serial number.

Are you seeing this page:


In order to see this window, you must have already entered the code you were sent when you downloaded Rhino for Mac.

The License Validation wizard does not ask for your serial number. Rhino already knows it. What happens when you try to validate your license?

either it crashes or It asks for my email address and information (which i skipped) then it automatically connects to rhino server (?) and says “your serial number is wrong”, but I never got the chance to actually put the numbers in.

We are working on it. Specifically, @brian is working on it.

I just want to make sure that you can still use Rhino. If you just close the Validation window, what happens?

If I close the Validation window, it will just resume the trial version. Thank you.

Problem fixed on the newest version. Thank you very much.

I just downloaded Rhino for Mac. I keep getting 'Validation server not responding" error. I cant even open the program. What do I do?

The validation server should be back online. Please run _ValidateLicense again, if you are not already prompted.