Validation Failed

One of our employees is getting a Validation Failed trying to register Rhino 5.

Any ideas on this?


Thanks for letting us know. It looks like our servers weren’t responding in a timely manner to the request for license validation. Can you please have your user try again?

Yeah I am setting up laptop for testing and got 500 timeout error just now as well…

just tried again…no go…set it to remind me tomorrow…FYI here’s the error…

Our validation servers are now back up again. Please give validation a try. Sorry for the delay.

I am getting a similar message both yesterday and today. Is this the same issue?

Yes, that is the same issue. The servers do periodically get knocked offline. But if you try again in 5 minutes it should work.

Much less often we have a long term outage. We try and avoid those.

A client reported a failure here this morning, so something is still not working reliably. --Mitch