Validation exception.. Validation exception occurred

I get a purple warning (Validation exception… Validation exception occurred during processing of request…) when trying to save my model in Shapediver. Anyone know what this means?

Also got this warning when trying to upload the model again.
“Validation exception. 10990105: Validation exception occurred during processing of request. Field id: Model with id ‘43o-2023-12-07’ not found”

This looks like a connectivity issue or some temporary connection error. Is this happening for all models you are trying to upload or only a specific one? If it is a specific model, could you send it for further review?

Its gone now, but i suspect there might be something wrong. I cant seem to load it in our configurator. ShapeDiver

As I expected, this was likely temporary. Let me know if it happens again.
You cannot embed the model because the setting “Allow direct embedding” is not enabled. You can enable it in the model edit page, “Developers” section.

This setting used to be enabled by default but we changed this behaviour in the last update due to security reasons.

Thank you so much. The pink messages are gone and i enabled the direct embedding so now everything works. Your an angel Mathieu, thanks!

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