Validation drama


I recently installed the V6 upgrade. As part of this process i was asked for the email address I used originally to do this for V5.
Well I had no clue at all - its years and years ago! After a few days I found an old address within some correspondence just by chance, and it turned out this was the one.
That address is long gone, is not current, it is an ex-address, its no more, ceased to be, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin choir - an ex-address!
Also, I’ve installed the software as specific to this computer, because all that drama wasn’t allowing me to use the zoo,
This is not what I wanted, since this computer cant run V6 at all well, and is just standing by till I purchase a new one, so I’ll have to go through a similar process again shortly…
So how can I update whatever info you are holding that keeps this now-nonsense address, and replaces it with something more valis to my current situation.?


(John Brock) #2

Contact your regional office (Seattle, Barcelona, Miami) and Sales can change it for you.