Validatelicense bug?

This has happened a few times: I accidentally type “v” + ENTER, and validatelicense is executed, which freezes Rhino. I generally try to avoid making this accident, but it still happens and forces me to quit and lose any unsaved data. Is it just me?

Hi Brent - no freeze here but this does not sound like a good thing. I will ask…

For now a trick would be to create an alias (Options > Aliases) for ‘v’ that does something innocuous like start a line and then quits,

! _Line _Enter

or something actually useful to you…


Hi @Brent_Kuhn

It looks like you have your license key in the Cloud Zoo and login to Rhino to run it, right?

I’ve got the same setup here, and when I run ValidateLicense, a little dialog appears briefly, goes away, and then Rhino keeps running.

I’m curious if the lockup is because a dialog box has appeared behind Rhino? Perhaps making Rhino really small in the corner of the screen then running ValidateLicense will help us see what’s going on? You might also minimize all other programs, too.