vaFurniture - quick question

Using vaFurniture for the first time (the classic one, not Grasshopper)…
Is this correct: the 2D representation of the furniture is always displayed in a Layout, and 3D in the model view?

Hi @Eugen,

2D representation will be used in plan views (created with vaPlanView command), or in plan viewporta/details (created using the “Levels” panel).

Is there any problem with this feature?



No, it works fine! Just still didn’t fully get it from reading the docs.
To sum up, the vaFurniture object will switch from it’s 3D to it’s 2D representation when

  • in a top view
  • ‘Toggle Cut Plane’ is turned on in the Levels panel
  • the furniture is on that level.
    Makes sense, since e.g. doors and windows show the same behavior in a floorplan.


One thing, though:
It might make sense to add a 2D-representation for section views, too.
Doing an office design at the moment, floorplan axo, and section view. For the latter, I will need to draw some abstract 2d instead the 3d version. No big deal, because there are only a few furniture pieces visible, but for consistencies sake…

Hi @Eugen,

There is already a request for this feature, I will add your vote.

Kind regards

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@Eugen how would you like to display a furniture object with a 2D representation for section views that was not exactly oriented to the section view? Would you ignore the 2D section representation and show it according to its exact position?

Yes, ignoring the rotation sounds like the straightforward approach.
If someone likes to see the rotation, the 3D (made planar of course) version can be used.
Best regards

This is the way a section should be made, at least here, in Poland. With all elements aligned normally to the section plane. Thus we can see the proper thickness of walls etc. Some day long ago I asked for this feature… :wink:
Cheers, Jaro